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When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, no one anticipated its effects or knew how long it would last. The Patient Project's motto is finding strength in patience, and there is no other time when this mantra could be so relevant. As one Patient Project member has expressed, we are all in a “waiting room” with this virus as we wait for “normality” to resume.


Community Journal

We started the Community Journal as an extension of the print journal to be a project we hope will continue on as we continue to live through this pandemic. We believe it is important everyone has the chance to express themselves during this time -- and to know no one is alone! As we face what is to come, we do so as a community and find strength together in this period of waiting.

We invite you to join us!


-- The Patient Project Team

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Patience and Pandemic

The “Patience and Pandemic” journal was started as a way to give students an opportunity to explore the experience of the pandemic and to express and reflect on these unprecedented times. Originally, it was intended to be a special edition summer journal, but now it has grown into something more than that.