Patience & Pandemic

The Patient Project's Published Creative Writing Journal

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Our published journal features pieces from creative UCI students. Read about how they used art, photography, prose, and poetry to express themselves during the difficult pandemic. Be sure to get a copy today on Amazon and leave us a review!


Journey of Our Journal

UCI’s 2019-20 Dalai Lama Scholar project has launched a special edition journal titled Patience & Pandemic for students to explore the experience of a pandemic. The creative work featured in our journal expressed and record a perspective on the unprecedented reality of the quarantine. Questions such as: what is it like to live in suspense? How has staying at home changed your sense of space? Of time?

We invite you to buy and read the creative work of student's at UCI. We hope you enjoy!

- The Patient Project


Meet Our Patience and Pandemic Editors


Karishma Muthukumar


Meenakshi Chandrasekaran

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Caitlin Yee

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Dinelli Jinadasa 


Jazmin Viayra


Anganette Cisneros


Victoria Sweeney